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Anyone done or know someone who's been through Hopkins Critical Care Residency?

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Hey folks,


Decided medical critical care is where I want to be, our MICU is talking about adding PAs in a few years, I would love to wow them post-residency and breeze through my procedure credentialing (hopefully).

Problem is there's not much choice for more medically-focused CC residency/fellowship (lots of surgical programs), UMass is on hold for the next year (and possibly longer).


Does anyone know anyone who's been through Hopkins CC residency? I'm hoping to hear back from the program director soon and/or set up a time to talk with one of the recent grads. It looks really amazing, access to the sim labs every month, opportunities for electives in Renal, Palliative, etc.


Would be great to talk to someone who's been out in practice a few years post-residency if by chance they're floating around on the PA forum,




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