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I am submitting my supplemental applications for the PA programs that I applied to, and I was wondering what I can do to help get my changes up. I do think I will apply again next year if I do not get in and then try to get a job in the to get some more experience, health care service experience. I was wondering, what jobs would you recommend doing. As of now, I have done job shadowing and volunteer experience. I have some paid hours at a hospital working under a PA but that was a summer internship. My grade are not that high, I have not taken the GRE. I applied to California schools Western and USC and a few others. I was wondering what do you as a community suggest to do and what work experience I can possibly do. I would like to do work experience that would require the least amount of training (school + licensing) something like that. Thanks, if you have any questions or feel something is lacking in my question feel free to ask. Thanks!

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