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PANRE adult medicine exam

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I am set to take my second recert on Nov 16. I have specialized in derm since graduating so I opted for the Adult Medicine exam. My question is, how much peds do I really need to study? How about surgery? I am sure there will be some questions on there but I don't want to waste any more time than necessary if there are only a handful of questions. If you took the PANRE Adult exam recently, do you remember peds or surgery questions?

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hi april,

I took my PANRE last december. I don't remember if I chose the adult med exam. I chose the exam that was reportedly like the PANRE of the past.

It was my 4th PANRE exam.

What I remember was that there wasn't a ton of peds on it. Enought that seemed fair. The only Peds I studied was in the yellow Appleton/Lange book and reviewed the Peds PPT I got

from a review course.

just my $.02

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