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New Grad GI job

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Hi everybody! I’m graduating PA school next month and have recently received a job offer in GI. Wanted some input.

Base pay is $90k. will be working in DFW, Texas. Starting out, I’ll be shadowing/training with the current PA who works in both clinic & as a hospitalist (50/50). A couple months down the road, when I’ve done enough training with her, I’ll be working 32 hours clinic/8 hours hospital each week.  I’m required to take call one weekend per month. If I’m asked to take a second weekend call, I am compensated (approx. 2k), and get 2 days off the following week. After 3 months of working, I get 6 days PTO, and 9 months after that, I get 10 days PTO.  3% match on 401k. Potential productivity bonus after 6 months. Allowance towards phone/internet each month. time off for CME, which they pay for.  Wont be using health insurance through them (using husbands).  I've been told there isn't a set number of patients I will be taking on right away- patient load will reflect my level of comfortability. 

They initially mentioned $80k, and after I showed them the AAPA salaries, they offered $90k.  


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I would not take this offer. They do not seem to understand the value you will bring to the table, the salary is too low in my opinion, especially for a specialty. The PTO is terrible, especially when you are taking call one time per month, you are going to need PTO. I would keep looking.


"potential productivity bonus" = in 6 months, "oh I'm sorry we don't have that". If it isn't in writing it doesn't exist.

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