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N.C. Licensing Process for New Grads, Covid Suspension of SBI Background Checks.

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Is anybody currently seeking license in NC? I was told by the NCMB person assigned to my application that fingerprinting and background checks are now suspended, however there has been no movement on my application since 1/26 so when I emailed her she told me it would be approximately 2 weeks from the time my background check returned.  I just need to know which is it? are we doing background checks w/ fingerprints or not (Big headline banner on the website says still suspended)  If not then how long does it take to process without the background check? My initial application went in on 12/30, it is now 3/5 without any "activity" since 1/26.  Is there any way to get them to kick it up a notch since I have a job offer on the table?

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I had applied for a NC license and had it turn around in 4-6 weeks, didn't need to do the fingerprinting, but did have to do the background check. (This was back in October, but I doubt it's changed much since then). You will eventually need to complete the fingerprinting even when you have your state license, but I don't know how soon.

I would call or email the NC PA board to see what's going on with your application, they're super helpful and responsive. Also, check your application online and make sure you've provided everything they require

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