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Army tuition reimbursement

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I am a prepa that has been looking at hshp but considering how competitive it is i am planning on not getting it although I will still apply


I have also seen that some military branches offer 40,000$/yr loan repayment 


My question is how dangerous are the branches of the military for pas what is active deployment like and with a lower salary than you would get at a civilian job is this option even financially worthwhile 


More about my situation I have no debt from undergrad and have saved up 12k and could probably save up 20k+ by the time I get into school but I also don't know how expensive the school i end up getting into will be


Also I am clearly not a military pa so if anyone has a problem with me posting here I apologize I have nothing but the utmost respect to those who have served our country and if anyone has a suggestion on a more appropriate place to post this I would happily do so although it does seem like I would get a good perspective on active duty in this particular forum

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My experience is only for the Army so I cannot speak for other branches, although, PA's in the military have many similarities.

Loan repayment is only for federal or federally backed loans. So if it is for private loans you are SOL. I have not used the program, but I have heard that if you do take the LRP it is payed and taxed as a bonus (almost 50% tax). Just something to investigate and consider.

Safety: With another set of drawdowns in the middle east, non-SOF units will see less and less time deployed. On my last deployment, most providers had volunteered to be in that position. As a PA you would almost never leave the "base." So chances of "action" are slim and biggest concern would be IDF. That being said, it is the military, and you raise your right hand to be placed in harms way for the protection of others.

Salary: There are several posts in this forum that break it down better, but, pay is not that much worse than civilian and can actually be better. My wife got paid more as an Army PA in Germany than she did as a primary care PA civilian side. 

Overall: Military life is taxing and very rewarding if you have the right mindset. There is tons more to being a military provider than just treating patients.

Best of luck and hope this helps.

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