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Part-time position at rural Indiana critical access hospital

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I'm looking for an experienced EM PA to do ~3 nights/month at a rural critical access hospital in western Indiana.  The shifts would typically be in a block, but don't have to be.  I'm looking for someone close enough to drive in, as my company would prefer not to pay travel expenses.  Here are some key points about the job:

  • Shifts are 20:00-08:00.  Very rarely do you get out more than about 15-20 min late.
  • Typical volume is 8-12/shift.  Acuity varies, but mostly ESI 3's-4's, some 2's.  Some pretty interesting cases.
  • You are the only provider in the hospital at night.  8 bed ED with several additional doc exam rooms used for overflow.  8 in-patient rooms with typical census 4-12 patients.  You are responsible for "rapids" and questions from the in-patient nurses, perhaps 1 every 3 nights or so.
  • Physician (EM boarded) covers 08:00-20:00 and is available for questions via phone and has to come in for codes, thrombolytics (strokes, occasionally for STEMI's if delayed transport), emergent child-birth, procedural sedation.  They're willing to come in and will if asked.
  • Hospital provides free lodging at a house right next to the hospital (115 steps from front door of house to front door of hospital - yes, I counted).  That's where the docs and PA's stay.  There is a call room in the hospital where you can nap if the ED is empty.  House has full kitchen.  PA's have their own bedroom.
  • Travel expenses and food on your own.  I bring my food from home and typically park my car until I drive home at the end of my run of shifts.  For example, I live about a 4 hour drive away.
  • Pay is $85/hour, company 3% contribution to a 401K (no employee contribution required to get that).  Med-mal with tail provided.
  • Company will pay credentialing fees.  They'll provide administrative help with getting your Indiana license & DEA if you don't have one, but don't reimburse the cost for PT employees.

My perspective:

  • Great place to work.  Good nurses, techs, and support staff.  Great working relationship with EMS, fire, PD.  Very welcoming and helpful co-workers.
  • Docs very supportive: trusting, very willing to help/answer questions.  They don't take patients away from you.
  • Company is great.  Small company, CEO knows everyone by 1st name.  Owned by physician founder who has no intention of selling to any of the big EM staffing co's.
  • Most serious-critical patients are transferred as are surgical patients.  In the world of COVID-19, this has gotten more difficult but is still doable.  Psyche placements are a hassle, pretty much like everywhere

I'm looking for someone who's comfortable handling most things autonomously.    


  • BLS, PALS, & ACLS certified.
  • ATLS and ultrasound a definite plus, but ultrasound experience is not required.
  • Sufficient experience and comfort to be autonomous.  This can come from work experience, residency training, etc.
  • Ability to work well in a small town environment.
  • Normal ED procedural skills: suturing, I&D, some fracture/joint reduction.  Central lines & intubation nice but not required - docs are available if needed.

I'd prefer someone who already has an Indiana license and DEA, but that's not a requirement.  Getting those typically takes about 2-3 months: mostly for getting the license, DEA is pretty quick.

If you're interested, please PM me.  I'll give you my email so you can send me a CV and we can set up a time to talk.

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