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Uworld vs Rosh

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I want to hear what you guys think for EORs, and why? Also if you used one or the other or both, do u mind sharing how you ended up doing on that EOR? 🙂

I used Rosh for one EOR and Uworld for another and just wanted to see if anyone else thought Uworld helped a lot more than Rosh? Both are very helpful since you can do qeustions and get feedback on the right answer and why the wrong answers are wrong.. but I did soo much better on my EOR with Uworld. I think its bc the questions are a lot harder and seem even harder than the EOR it really trained me well and boosted my confidence. Ide like to hear your thoughts!!!

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Hey @raa2018! This is good news to read. I am going to take my first EOR in a couple of days here and have been using both Rosh and UWorld. I love the interface of both QBanks in the sense that they have the explanation at the end of each question. I feel like it is the best and most helpful way to study. I do agree that UWorld has more difficult questions which im hoping will prepare me well for my EORs. However, I feel like some the questions on UWorld do not provide the full information or "hints" to lead you to the correct answer, which is frustrating as a test taker but might be helpful to train the overall thought process in preparation for EOR/PANCE exams? It could be a good or bad thing, not sure. Anyway, I feel like both UWorld and Rosh are worth investing into during clinical year. I plan on using these for EOR and PANCE prep. 

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