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PANCE review apps: Lange Q&A vs.McGraw-Hill

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I am looking on the apple app store at these 2 apps. They are both $50. Here's what I have heard about them:


Lange: PANCE style questions (multiple choice) with explanations, but some of the answers / info are not correct.


McGraw Hill-PA Exam Review: Flash card style format, not sure if there are explanations.


I like the MCQ format of the Lange but am wary of studying information that is incorrect.



Does anyone have an opinion on these apps? I am looking to use them for studying during down time on rotation and for review for specific rotations (IM, Women's health, etc). Of course the ultimate goal next year is the PANCE.



I am sorry if this topic is posted somewhere else (app reviews) but I didn't find it in my quick search.



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I actually, embarrassingly-- in a moment of weakness-- purchased both apps. And, actually, I use the Lange App all the time. You are right that if you have 10 minutes of downtime, you have time to take a little mini-quiz and go over the answers. You can do a random quiz or quiz based just on one topic--great for rotations. I have found this very useful. Some of the info is incorrect; I've caught several and, honestly, looking that up and confirming it was wrong made it stick in my head more. There are a TON of questions and only a handful of mistakes I've found. The McGraw is a flashcard format, some of which are useful and provide explanations, others just provide a few words as an answer, so I find myself looking it up if I didn't get it right just to get more info. I think the Lange app gets you thinking more critically. But just as a warning, the Lange app contains more or less the *same* questions as the yellow Lange review book (one of the popular review books--I also have several of those). So no need to get the book and the app. If you are getting just one app, I would recommend Lange over McGraw.

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