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Surgery EOR / PANCE

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I just wanted to share my experience with studying for the surgery EOR. Over the past 5 weeks I have been judiciously spending my time reviewing questions on UWorld and Rosh review doing approximately 20-40 questions per day if time permitted. As I got closer to my EOR I found myself spending more time on UWorld. The question banks ability to split questions by topic and specialty made it incredibly easy to focus on surgical related topics. Rosh has the ability to dos something similar, but it doesn't offer an breakdown by specialty which lead to multiple questions that were not part of my problem list. Also, the difficulty of questions and the style of questions presented on UWorld closely mimicked my EOR. For anyone starting their dreaded surgery rotations I would highly recommend UWorld as their questions are at the appropriate difficulty when looking back at my EOR. The questions are not simple one or two order thought processes where as Rosh is flooded with these style of questions and while they offer okay explanations, it ends up wasting time. I would find myself going through 40 Rosh questions and not gaining a significant understanding of a relevant topic or diagnosis. However, if I was able to do 20 UWorld questions I had a significant review and understanding of the material discussed. The explanations that UWorld presents after an answer choice is given are incredibly helpful to review from whether you get the answer correct or wrong. There is a built in flash card option that allows you to save topics into a deck to review later which is such an amazing tool to utilize when certain questions give high-yield descriptions. UWorld also offers a phone app that made my commute in the morning and afternoons serve as my own personal study power hour. 


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