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PANCE TUTOR, Precipio Learning

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Hi everyone, 

     I graduated from PA school in August of 2019 & thought I was fully prepared to take the PANCE in September of 2019. Not only did my program make me believe I was prepared, but my PACKRAT score signified I was as well. Results came back, and I had failed. I scheduled my next exam exactly 3 months from the first. I tried studying on my own to prepare for my second exam and mainly used Smarty Pance to study. I put in countless hours of studying and failed once again, although my score increased significantly. At this point I knew something drastic had to happen in order for me to pass this exam. I researched PANCE tutors and found Precipio Learning on a Google search. 

     I got in touch very quickly with Dr. John Athas, owner and tutor for Precipio Learning. After failing twice, Dr. Athas made it a point that with his courses and personal tutor hours, I would be able to pass the PANCE. His medical background and previous success with helping students made me confident in his words. We began tutoring weekly in January of 2020 with a scheduled PANCE for March of 2020. Dr. Athas worked through lectures with me over a program similar to ZOOM and made our weekly time together a priority. We covered every body system, he answered all questions I had and trained me on how to efficiently/successfully answer questions in a timely manner. He instilled in me such a huge amount of CONFIDENCE I had not had before while taking the exam. About one month prior to my exam, we upped our weekly tutor hours to ensure I was prepared. I would highly suggest Dr. Athas and his tutoring if you are preparing for the exam or have failed the PANCE and want to ensure you pass. Dr. Athas is brilliant, kind, and willing to work with your personal needs! 

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I value your advice immensely and would like very much to work with Dr. John Athas from Precipio. I have been listening to his lectures but have not had any tutoring sessions. I'd be curious to ask you how much it cost (per hour) and how many hours you put in with him, say daily or weekly, and then how many hours did you up it to in the end? I am on my 5th try taking the PANCE and I would greatly appreciate any feedback. I have spent so much money on so many different resources. I'm using Rosh Review questions as well as MedGeeks. I am not the biggest fan of Exammaster but I will gladly use it if you thought you found it helpful. 

Thank you in advance for your time, it is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to text me as well. My # is below. 

Kipley Pereles


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