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iScan2020 Ultrasound Event

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Hey All,

I wanted to put out a plug for the iScan event that SPOCUS (The Society for Point of Care US) is putting on alongside the AAPA conference this year in Nashville on Monday, May 18. If you aren’t familiar with iScan, this is the third year that SPOCUS has hosted this ultrasound competition and event focused on bringing point-of-care ultrasound to PA school and students.

Teams can be anywhere from 3-5 students or recent graduates. In the past, students with limited to no experience with ultrasound have participated, as well as schools that have fully integrated ultrasound into their curriculum – we try to make this a fun, learning experience for everyone involved.  Faculty and instructors are all PAs from a wide variety of medical fields and backgrounds.

In addition to the competition, workshops, lunch, exhibition hall, and reception, Envision Physician Services (formerly EMCare) recruiters will be present.

Also worth nothing, iScan is not sponsored by or affiliated with the AAPA, so you don’t have to be an AAPA member to participate. Unfortunately, this does mean that there is a team registration cost ($100/team, dropped to $80/team if you can bring an extra volunteer to serve as a model).

In addition to the competition, SPOCUS is also hosting ultrasound workshops, with both morning and afternoon sessions. Sessions are focused on either eFAST or office-based exams and cost $35/session (discounted to $25 if you agree to be a model for part of the day).

If you want to sign up or find more information, check out the link below. Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions, as well.


Aaron Inouye



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