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Functional medicine PAs?

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Tl;Dr: Any PAs practicing functional medicine that might have some insight?

Hi all. I got suckered in by some ad on social media for functional medicine (specifically, the functional medicine fast track program by Garrick vosloo (sp?). The more I look into, the more intrigued I am. They describe functional medicine as "root cause medicine." A quick Google search into functional medicine comes up with a couple of old articles on how it's "quackery." But the institute for functional medicine runs out of Cleveland clinic! And supposedly it is primarily based on clinical evidence with science to back it up... They mention that you would be essentially running your own practice (primarily virtually), and patients would be paying out of pocket for your services since they are not typically covered by insurance.

So any opinions on whether it is it worth exploring (and getting another 12k loan for 😳)? Any PAs practicing functional medicine that might have some insight?

Edited to add that courses from the Institute of Functional Medicine count as CME for PAs.

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