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Pay Disparity

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So, I know a person who just took a position with a large, well known, teaching hospital in NYC.  The person just graduated from a BSN program and their pay is ~$99K for their first year working as a RN, with loan repayment starting in their second year.  I was absolutely stunned.  Is this typical to see a new RN with their bachelor's get paid more than a new grad PA?  This is just a question of curiosity, since I understand a new grad PA is typically paid less or equivocal to this RN's starting salary (in this market anyway).  It made me question what a new NP would be making at that hospital and what a huge pay disparity that would be against a new PA (based on the salary information I've gathered for PA's in NYC).  

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Guest HanSolo

If you get a job offer for less than the RNs it is worth a negotiating point.

"Why are you paying the person who receives orders more than the one that gives them?"

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I find that hard to believe that a new grad RN is making ~100K in NYC (that is highly saturated btw).  If this were California, I'd believe it, but not for NYC.

Per glassdoor, the average starting salary for new grad BSN RNs in NYC is 77K which is already 18% above the national average.

Unfortunately, it is common for new grad BSN RNs to make slightly less or about the same as new grad PAs (FOR THE PAs WHO DO NOT NEGOTIATE). I'm a new grad RN and I'm approximately at 75K/year.

Now compare this to the # of new grad PAs on this very same forum who sadly entertain 75K-80K starting salaries.

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