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HB2250 and HB4066

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So TAPA has had two bills come out of committee so far.  HB 2250 schedule II and HB4066 are up for consideration on the house calendar committee but has not been scheduled to be heard.   Time is starting to run short.  So Texas PAs help is needed to put pressure on the calendar committee.  Members are posted below.  If you live in their areas it would be good to send a letter and put some pressure on them.  Time is growing short to get these bills on the calendar.  

Rep. Four Price
Vice Chair: Rep. Joe Moody
Members: Rep. Joe Deshotel
  Rep. John Frullo
  Rep. Craig Goldman
  Rep. Oscar Longoria
  Rep. Will Metcalf
  Rep. Tom Oliverson
  Rep. Eddie Rodriguez
  Rep. Toni Rose
  Rep. John Wray
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