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PA surgical first assist in NC

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This is very much an idea in its infancy, but I thought I would reach out to see if anyone else has started their own LLC for surgical first assisting and been successful at it.

I have about 7 years of ortho experience under my belt. I'm starting to feel quite a bit of burnout and am examining my options for what I might be able to do to still stay clinical. I know I'm good at what I do, so I don't want to walk away entirely from clinical medicine. Being in the OR is by far what I love most about my job, and the idea of something where I can make my own schedule and get some autonomy back about taking time off sounds incredibly appealing.

Did you hire someone to help with insurance billing?

How did you find a SP? (I'm pretty sure I could reach out to my last SP and he'd do it if I compensated him.)

How did you market/find MDs to work with?

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This is something I have been considering as well. I live in Texas and I did a little bit of research. They are some surgical assisting companies in the San Antonio area that would do the billing, they charge 8-11%. I would have to get a sponsoring physician, hospital privileges, and malpractice insurance. I have also started a PLLC. I have not pulled the trigger yet.

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