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Advice for interview for CC career opportunity

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I recently landed an interview at a busy 42 bed ICU in the southeast. 6MD/4PA group and PA’s doing their own procedures and working fairly autonomously.


My question is, what can I expect for the interview? Would I be asked medical management questions? I keep feeling like I should study for this just in case but not sure.


My background: PA w/ 3 years experience + completed an EM residency + CAQ exam, and have been working in a busy high volume/high acuity ED. I did rotate through a few ICU’s during residency and loved it. I enjoy doing procedures and have the training for this but have not put in many lines over the last year since my most recent job doesn’t have PA’s doing this. Prior to this I was doing a bunch of procedures and feel comfortable doing it if medically necessary.


Thanks for any advice, I really appreciate it!



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Congrats on the interview, I think as someone that has done an ED residency and presumably has some direct experience with higher acuity patients you should be a strong candidate. As you probably know, ED and ICU differ in mentality sometimes with ED being about dispo, and ICU being about many small details (beyond the vitals - electrolytes, urine, nutrition, family, case mgmt) to optimize the pt for discharge out of the ICU.

I don't think you would be asked specific topic questions. You will be asked why ICU? Also, be prepared to answer situational questions ("Tell me about a time when..") which would bring up issues that you might confront working in the ICU.

As for procedures, it is great that you have some prior experience. Once you start working, they will take you through how they do procedures, so I wouldn't be too concerned about that, at this point.

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