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Call pay and hourly rate

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Howdy all

A local hospital has contacted me about coming on as a PRN CV Surgery PA with primary responsibility of vein harvesting along with some first-assist stuff.  In the interview they asked me if I wanted to be 1099 or W2 and then also talked to me about salary vs hourly as well.  They didn't offer pay rates as of yet as they have never truly had a PA on staff either full time or PRN so I am the first.  I'm an FTE with salary pay at another facility so this will be on a PRN basis and weekend when not taking call at my main facility.  This facility is also not very busy and rarely does weekend stuff.

The call pay seemed quite low though at $3/hour and then if called in get paid for minimum of 2 hours.  They said this is standard for the hospital and nurses (I had to remind them I am not a nurse).  

So here is my dilemma, is it worth my time and what should I ask for?

Call pay-what should I ask for and what is the norm?  I don't take call at my primary facility so I do not know what going rates should be.

Hourly or Salary? If hourly set a minimum of time, say 3 hour minimum pay even if 1 hour of work?

1099 or W2?



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