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Rosh Review (Review) Pance Study Guide

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Rosh Review is hands down the best review I bought. I bought so many books, Davis, Oconnell,

Hippo Pance Review and Rosh Review.  Rosh Review questions were longer and gave a better explanation

also seemed harder.  It helped me get better on my time because their questions are so long.  After I did all of the

1720 HIPPO test questions twice, I did all 3000 Rosh Review questions twice and then Reread Oconnell last.

I was able to remember and pic out topics in the Oconnell book that I didnt think were important when I first read it.  I can say

that Rosh Review was the reason I Passed the Pance and "Aced" two sections.  When I took the Pance

I was able to identify what I was dealing with and eliminate 2 BS answers right off the bat.  I would Highly recommend

Rosh Review and doing a whole bunch of questions before the pance. 

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