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I am currently a first year student at Wayne State University and I am interested in going to PA school in the future. I am currently taking an English class and we have an upcoming paper due where we are required interview a person who is currently in the profession we intend to explore. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in being interviewed about the PA profession for my essay. The interview will be a set list of questions regarding the career of a physician assistant. This interview can take place through e-mail or just through this forum. Listed below I have included the questions:
1. What do you enjoy the most about being a physician assistant?
2. What do you dislike about being a PA?
3. What do you and the doctors talk about while working?
4. Do you feel that there are any barriers between you and a physician or any other health professionals in the workplace? Do you feel there is a good amount of autonomy as a PA, compared to nurse practitioners? 
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