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Rosh Review discounts if 10 or more buy their product

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Hi all,

   I was wondering if anyone is interested in forming a group of 10 or more to get a discount using Rosh Review. This is what they sent me, "We offer discounts to groups of 10 individuals or more." If anyone is interested PM me and I'll put together a group list for the Rosh Review Support for the discount. I don't know how much discount we'll get.



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The info we got regarding group discounts from Rosh
The discount starts at 10 percent for 10 individuals and increases from there. If there are a total of 20 subscribers and the program decides not to purchase the package for you, I'll assign the following minitests to everyone:
GI Nutrition
With these minitests, you'll receive an additional 275 questions to the individual question bank.
Let me know if you have additional questions
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