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Vascular Surgery Contract

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Hi I am new to the forum. So first off, I want to say hi to my fellow PA-Cs. I've been practicing inpatient with outpatient procedures for 3 yrs now in Chicago, IL State University Hospital. I thinking about switching departments due to better pay and hours. So far the job is fairly new in Vascular Surgery department. There is a possibility of on-calls and weekends, but it's not definite so I will tell them that I would prefer not to have them and also there might be traveling to different hospitals. So I guess what my question is what should I include in my contract, as in bonus and etc. This is what I have come up with so far....


1. 96k annual salary with annual review for increases and production bonus.

2. Preference of no weekends/calls. Paid holidays with vacations and sick days.

3. Expense paid for DEA/state license.

4. 5k CME allowance.

5. Malpractice coverage.


PS - One of my main concerns is not knowing what production bonus equation to give them.

The job is various from seeing outpatient vein clinic(ablation) to OR.

Thanks for helping in advance!

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