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Am I ready for PANCE? Looking for advice.

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Hi -I'm scheduled to take PANCE in 3 days. 

I've been preparing and putting my all into studying for the past 2 months

Consistently getting 70s on exam master qbank

Took packrat from 2011 got a 179/225 (79%)

Kaplan qbank scores range from 55-65%

Davis CD: 60-70%

AAPA babcock book, test: 225/303 (74%)

I'd say on average my average for all practice tests (NCCPA book, lange, kaplan qbank, exam master) would average 70%-75%

First NCCPA test, was in the green region entirely (lower end). 


HOWEVER- just took the second NCCPA practice test was half green, half yellow. (I bombed the GI part really bad on this practice test, but on my personal qbanks get decent scores?!)

ALSO, my packrat during rotations during school was 124/225 - pretty low, I know.


Should I reschedule? I'm so put off by my NCCPA practice test 2 results. I dont want to go in thinking I'm "borderline" going to pass - though I am running out of energy to continue studying. Can anyone relate to my predicament? Offer some advice? Am I being silly to be placing this much weight on the NCCPA practice 2 test? I am leaning towards giving myself 1 more week. 


Thank you. 

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If you haven't already rescheduled your test is tomorrow.  You've done a tone of work.  It sounds like you practice tests have been pretty good.  If your taking the exam tomorrow put all of this out of your head.  Enjoy your day today.  Go play some basketball or go for a long difficult walk.  The doubt and worry you are going through will be more of a problem for you than any knowledge you do or don't have at this point.  You need to go into the exam with confidence.  You need to get a good night sleep tonight.


 I scored between 65 and 75 % on exam master consistently and did fine on my PANRE.  


Spend today with your mind on other things and give it a rest so it is in prime shape for tomorrow. 

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You will be fine!! I hope you did not reschedule already! 2 months of studying is enough, don't wait any longer or you might start forgetting stuff.  Your scores are similar to what I was getting and I passed. I did worst on 2nd NCCPA exam than you did (I also did well on the 1st one). So do not stress about it! Just relax today and feel confident that you have prepared all this time, you've got this!

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Thanks guys, I passed! And by a comfortable margin as well! Best of luck to all who are preparing for this night mare exam!! And thank you for the support :)


(I did end up rescheduling by a week, I don't think it was necessary looking at my score, but even so, my nerves were able to calm themselves during that time)

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