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Army vs. Navy. vs Air force reserves

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Hi guys

I am a new PA, graduated in May started working in July of this year. I work in a high acuity urgent care but I have a huge desire to join the military. I want to join the military because this is something I have always felt strongly about doing and I feel like now I am in a huge oppurtunity to be of benefit to my country. And I would be lying if I didn't admit the draw of loan repayment is tempting. 

I would love someones honest opinion on the reserves, give me the good, the bad, the ugly. Tell me which branch you think is best and why. Also tell me details about deployments you have been on. I am well aware that I will most likely go on deployment if I sign up and I would like to know honest details about the deployments. I am a 27 y.o skinny female but I am tougher than I look and truly believe I can handle this but I need to know as much as possible of what I am getting myself into before I fully commit.

Thank you.


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