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PA School Study Notes

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Hi! I'm a high school senior and I just got accepted into a 5 year program :)

I want to know how rigorous and detailed physician assistant schooling will be! I don't know if this is rude or asking too much of others, BUT I think this will be important for me to know. I want to be mentally prepared for college. 

Can a willing someone post a lesson or two's worth of notes from PA school?

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Congratulations on your acceptance! I don't have notes to share, but I can say that the workload in PA schools is very intense. It's more than just taking notes in class. The amount of material you will learn is so vast that a lot of it will be learned on your own. For every two hours of lecture in my program, we have probably 6-8 hours outside of class that we are studying. A lot of it is reading through the chapters in the text (we are tested on this, not just lecture stuff), practicing physical exam skills, and working through the medical science material, such as pharmacology and pathophysiology.


I would suggest you develop great time management skills now, as you will definitely need them! :)


Hope this helped, and best of luck!

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