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Unique TBI services for children in Pennsylvania

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Thought this would be very useful info for anyone that does ER, Peds, Trauma, Neuro and any service that may come in contact with a child that has acquire TBI and/or non traumatic TBI.


Want to spread some info about a unique program in Pennsylvania for preschool thru 12th grade students who sustain concussions, more significat traumatic brain injury(TBI) or non traumatic brain injury such as that from tumor, chemo, epilepsy, etc.




This is a special FREE program that works with all school districts thruout PA. They have "teams" in every school district to help with the re-entry of these students to the classroom and follow them annually thru HS graduation. This part is quite important especially for those injuries that may not manifest deficits till sometime later. Example, a 5-6 yr old sustains a frontal lobe TBI. This age group doesn't use the executive functioning, impulse control aspects, that is what 1st/2nd grade teachers are for, but as they get older, the cognitive dysfunction related to this injury may manifest as impulse control issues etc. With the Brainsteps team they can make recommendations, educate the staff that it may not necessarily be a kid acting out, or a child that needs special ed but a child with sequela from a TBI. Their work prevents many of these children with TBI's being labeled "special needs" or emotional disturbed for the rest of their academic careers


They assist with recommendations to the school for academic modifications, help educate staff/school districts about TBI, provide family support and education.


These teams are run by both educational professionals as well as members of the local medical community that have a passion for TBI and undergo special training. Teams can include doctors, PA/NPs, neuropsychologists, PT/OT/ST, etc


ANYONE can make a referral, health care professionals, family member, friends, teacher, athletic trainer, man on the street. You do not need parental permission. The team will contact the parents and explain their services and only intervene with parents consent.This... is an amazing program that really can make a difference in a child's academic life post TBI. Even if you are unsure if the child "qualifies" the team will look into every referred case to assess need for services.

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