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I am in a pickle. My school had stated that we should be set by the end of June beginning of July. Given that we graduated in May I felt that was ok and semi reasonable. I told my should be future employer and they agreed that was ok. Now I call the school only to find out the degree hasnt been conferred the diploma hasn't been ordered and it can take another week for conferral and up to 12 weeks for the diploma. Is there any recourse? Im not one to cry foul for "unfairness" but this is effecting me quite a bit since the state will not license me without a diploma even with transcripts. I am now back to working on an ambulance which is ok but Im literally making 1/5 the money I'll be making at my new job while working OT at my current job. I fear since conferral probably wont occur to the 1st of July then a 12 week wait I will end up losing my position and quite frankly wouldnt blame them.


100k debt working for 9 bucks an hr just dont seem to cut it for me...

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