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Pediatrics Rotation: Tips on H/P, Equipment, and more..

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Hope you have a great rotation! My 1st rotation was in Peds & it was FUN everyday. Here's my 2.gif on what to have the first day.


Lab coat pocket essentials:


-Pocket Peds H&P card <link

-Stethoscope with an Adult & Pedi diaphragm preferably.

-Maxwell's (never show up to any rotation w/o it, green section has developmental milestones)

-Reflex hammer

-Insufflator bulb (keep one in your coat pocket although you may never use it, every preceptor is different & the room may not have one when they ask for it)


-Small detractor toy for the little ones (something you can clean w/ alcohol btw patients)


-Updated pedi immunization schedule

-The stuff that will earn you EXTRA points- your resident/attending(s) will love you when no one else has it right when they ask for it: scissors, penlight, eye chart, alcohol pads, 4x4's, tape, tongue depressors, extra prescription pad





Ask all the standard history questions.


Reminder to report these things on every pedi patient you present....

Stooling, voiding, eating, sleeping habits, behavior (if pertinent).

(Infants- Infant nipples (type of formula), #bottles per day ( # ounces q #hrs), # of wet diapers per day, #stools per day (consistency, color), and quality of sleep. The quick way to verbally report is "patient is eating, voiding, stooling, and sleeping well." The rest of the info should be in your note. Get into the habit of being thorough now, it will help once you make the transition into regular practice. ;)


The best attending I have ever had was during my Pedi ER rotation, she gave me this great list of Pediatric Family History questions to ask parents. These questions are an attempt to cover all the major systems:


*Mental retardation/Seizure disorders/Birth Defects/Juvenile Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (JIDDM)/Kidney disease/Family members dx w/ cancer under age 18yrs/Family members who have had an MI, CVA, or dx w/ Dyslipidemia under the age of 50yrs.*



Pediatric Physical Exam video

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I'm sure you know to bring all your references too...pharmacy guide, etc. Not sure if you have a PDA but 5-minute Clinical Consult or 5-Minute Pediatric Clinical Consult is great.


Most peds facilities have the gold standard book references on site so I would not worry about spending a lot of money on those.

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Guest takoonz

Stickers are always a wonderful idea too! I know it sounds silly, but these will change the attitude of a child very quickly. :) Good luck! I can't wait until mine (in like a year and a half)!

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My peds rotation was straightforward clinical so we didn't need to carry a lot of stuff with us. Always have Maxwell's on you for immunizations and milestones. Those are the two things that you need to evaluate on EVERY kid you see.


You may also consider finding a stray cat in your neighborhood, holding it down and do a full ENT exam. That will be good practice for you.

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