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Ortho New Grad Offer

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Hope someone can help me out here. Been looking at other posts and getting a sense of what is/isn't acceptable but hopefully someone has some input. I'm graduating in December, taking my PANCE January 10th and hopefully starting soon after (assuming I pass). The position is for office and first assist. I'd be handling my own schedule and, once up to speed, given a lot of autonomy. Would be doing mainly sports medicine and joint replacements. 


Salary: $85,000 base salary

Bonus: 25% of your collected professional receipts (less refunds and visco-supplementation costs) over $ 250,000 for the calendar year

Vacation: 5 weeks paid leave for vacation, continuing professional education, sick leave and personal leave
CMEs: $1,500 per year for CMEs
Malpractice: "During the term of this agreement, the Practice will maintain malpractice insurance covering you and the Practice for services rendered by you on behalf of the Practice."
Insurance: health, dental, life, disability covered
Retirement plan
Expense reimbursement "You shall be reimbursed for reasonable professional dues, expenses and subscriptions related to your profession as an orthopedic physician assistant, and subject to prior approval of the Practice." also a $600 annual allowance for cell phone expenses
It's a 4.5 day work week.
Call is every 6th weekday and every 5th weekend.
Weekday call is 7am to 11pm however there is a PA employed by the hospital that takes a majority of the call from 7am to 3pm.
Weekend call is 7am to 7pm Saturday and Sunday. I will go to the hospital to do rounds but will not be called to first assist in any cases (same on weekdays). There is not a requirement to be at the hospital. After a weekend call you have the option to take a full day off the week following (except Monday). 
Overall it seems like a good opportunity to me but wondering what everyone else thinks or if there's something missing that I should be asking for. 

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It's really early to be finding jobs I think. You have the pance, then a few months of waiting for state license.

In any case to me it looks like a good opportunity. I'd try to negotiate the 25% to 30-40% and to be after 2x the salary instead of over 250- it will be difficult to get that high if you are competing with other PAs in the practice, and I'd look for that salary to be bumped to 95k-105k. This might be tough as a new grad with no experience to negotiate but I'd try anyway and then renegotiate after 1 year if they didn't change anything

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