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I work in California and the 3 hospitals I work for currently do not allow invasive procedures such as central/arterial lines, thoracentesis, chest tube placement or even intubation for any PA or NP's (including surgical!).  We can't even do intubations -we have to call the RT or MD over.  Can anyone provide a template for their current hospital privileges and policy that allows them to do this as a critical care or pulmonary PA or even NP?  It's backwards and frustrating.  When speaking to one of the adminstrators they said one would have to have done the procedures before they came to the hospital then have to apply for privileges to be added in the bylaws.  They said it isn't a teaching hospital so I couldn't be taught by my supervising physicians.  Soo frustrated esp since I went through a surgical residency.  Problem is it's been over 10 years since I've done many of these procedures due to different jobs.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.



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