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My name is Dr. John Athas and I am a retired M.D. and Instructor in Medicine.

I've been tutoring PA students for many years.


I specialize in tutoring students for the PANCE. I have been so incredibly sucessful that I continue to tutor...and specialize in tutoring students who have failed the test. Some have failed it 4 times. My sucess rate hovers around 95% and I've had 49 students.

To my knowledge, I'm the only one who tutors PANCE online in the United States.


I will have one opening in 7-10 days and another opening in 2-3 weeks time.

My technique and bio are outlined in my website at   www.pancetutor.com

I look forward to speaking with those who need help.


All The Best,

ja      617-816-8467

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