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Cardiology Offer?

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I'm wondering if I'm being naive about a job offer I received. The position is in non-invasive cardiology, with hospital rounds in the AM and office patients in the afternoon. No call. No weekends. Salary is $95K. They pay malpractice, half of my health insurance (same scenario in all private practices in this area), $2K CME/fees, 4 weeks vacation, sick time as needed. I'll be working in a multi-specialty practice, with their cardiologist. I am an experienced PA located in western NC. I currently make $90K in FP/UC, with less vacation, working occasional weekends, same insurance arrangement, no bonus.


They have offered a bonus structure, which I think is minimal, with quarterly payments for anything over an average of 14 patients per day (inpt + outpt). I have always been paid a straight salary; what is a reasonable bonus structure? A percentage of collections over a certain amount, or a setup similar to what they've offered?


I would appreciate any comments on the merits of this offer. Thanks!

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