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Hello all. I graduated May 3. I took the Pance May 13th (on a Wed). 


I can remember logging on here and seeing that people were taking months to study for their PANCE after PA school and started to doubt myself with the 2.5 weeks I had given myself to study SO......just wanted to let everyone know that I passed!!


Tools I used: Davis's PA Exam Review book, A Comprehensive Review for the Certification and Recertification Examination for Physician Assistants book, Quiz.md, ThePALife.com, PACKRAT, EOR exams by PAEA during clinical rotations and CME4Life board review. 


I used the percentage breakdown from my PACKRAT to identify areas that I was weak to drive my studies. 


I also took the day off before my exam to relax. I went to a movie and dinner with my husband the evening before to clear my mind with a comedy movie. It was the only way to get me to stop trying to sneak a peak at my notes!!!!


During the PANCE I felt there were questions I clearly knew the answers to, and then there were some that I had no idea what they were talking about and had to attempt an educated guess or to utilize test taking strategies. I came out of it hoping that the ones I knew and felt good about my guesses on were more than the ones that I really didn't have a clue.


So if you are worried about how long to take to study, base it on how you feel after you graduate. I felt that my clinical year did a great job preparing me because we took the EORs written by the PAEA so I was familiar with their question styles. I also had to take the boards ASAP due to accepting a position and wanting to get a jump start on my license application. 



Good luck to everyone who reads this! I hope it helped!! 

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