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PA IR Billing. How is it done?

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Hello rad PAs! I'm very happy to find this forum with recent activity. I'm a recently graduated PA, working for a large radiology group in Houston. They have been working with an RPA at one of their locations (not recognized in Texas right now), so not getting reimbursed for her services. That's why I'm here. So I'm the first PA the group has worked with. We are experiencing growing pains as we try to navigate the billing for the procedures I will be doing.


Procedures: paracentesis, thoracentesis, thyroid biopsies, PICC insertions, lumbar punctures, myelograms, arthrograms. Fluoroscopy: MBS, UGI, esophogram, BE, VCU, HSG.


For now, I will be doing the procedures and the rads will be dictating the interpretation report. Obviously I will document a procedure note in the EMR. I'm learning about S&I codes. Someone has said they will bill for the S, procedure part I do, at 85% and then the I, interpretation part the rad does, at 100%. Does anyone have any experience with this?


I feel responsible to make sure what I do gets billed accurately, and that I'm bringing in as much money as possible.


Any advice from personal experience with the topic would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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No, I have no idea. After working with the group for more than two years now, it is apparent that my value is less of the actual money I bring in, but rather all the extra time I keep the rads in their chairs reading. If I can deal with everything possible and allow them to read, they are happy because that is where the big bucks are.

Do you work in radiology?



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