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Candidate potential for a business major

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I would appreciate a frank opinion on my potential for acceptance into a PA school, and for any advice to fill any gaps. I have a B.S. in accounting (cum laude) and have over 9 years of professional experience in accounting, finance and logistics/supply chain in the manufacturing sector.


I have been taking the pre-reqs over the past 2 years, with the following results:


Gen Biology: A (originally taken with my B.S.)

Microbiology: A

Human A&P 1: A

Human A&P 2: A

Gen Chem 1: A

Gen Chem 2: A

Organic Chem 1: B

Intro. Psych: A (orginally taken with my B.S.)

Develop. Psych: A

Med. Term.: A


GRE Score: 1180 total


While I do have CNA, I have not actually worked as one. In addition, I do have some hours of shadowing, and I have been tutoring A&P for the past year.


I feel that coming from a non-science and/or non-health care background will provide me with a unique perspective from traditional applicants.


Appreciate the feedback.

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You've got to get yourself some high quality hce or apply to schools that don't emphasize hce as strong as others. Be sure to know that schools that say they don't require it certainly look at it. So far you only have a high gpa, so will almost everyone else, but they will have thousands of hrs of hce that you don't have. Yes you do have a unique background coming as an accountant but not so much appreciated by the AdComms who would rather see a profile of someone who has done mission trips to Haiti or Africa...that is what catches the eye of the AdComms. Get working as a CNA or EMT and then see what happens...

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