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Question for practicing PA-C's

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I have only been keeping up with the PA profession, from a political standpoint, for about six months, and it seems like there is quite a bit of "fear" out there concerning the future of the profession. Is this sort of fear something that the PA profession has faced in the past or does it seem like something that could really have a major impact on the profession in the next five years?


I know that in the two professions I've had there was always some threat to the profession lurking out there that was supposed to destroy them. I understand that the PA profession faces challenges and will continue to face challenges in the future, just the same as all other careers in the world. Thanks.

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it seems like there is quite a bit of "fear" out there concerning the future of the profession


Is there?


I was of the impression that the profession was continuing to grow much faster than the average, new programs are opening up, the UK's National Health Service and Canada's provincial systems are pleased with early trials of PA providers in those countries, incomes are rising, and the constant push to contain costs and maximize efficiency has meant the trend is expected to continue for the forseeable future.


There are plenty of things that bug me about the profession, depending on what day you ask me, but I'm not at all fearful it will disappear. Quite the opposite.

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