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Please help, depressed about jobs search

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I have been looking qday and applying for jobs in Milwaukee, WI and getting no interviews. This city is saturated with new NP and PA grads. I couldn’t find jobs here so I have been working outside of the city but now I need to get back home to my family in Milwaukee. I don’t have any impressive skills, I have one year experience in FP and Pain mgt.

I am going to a PA conference in March and I want to network with other PA.

What should I say to my PA colleagues at the conference without sounding too desperate for a job?

How would you want to be approached and what should I say to let you know that I am looking for job?

Would you be turned off if I handed you my business card in a conference?

I would appreciate any advice you have for me. Thank you in advance

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Have you joined the local/state PA organization in your area so you can network with others? I've found this an invaluable opportunity to finding jobs within my area...in fact ,my last 2 jobs weren't ever "advertised" via a formal job posting rather they were via word of mouth within our local PA organization.


When networking remember...people will remember more about you as a person than they will anything about a resume. Put on a smile, be confident in your interactions and make a good impression. As for handing out random business cards...I wouldn't be offended but I would urge you to focus your efforts on those who are actually looking to hire.

Good luck in your job search!

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What does your resume and cover letter look like? You have one year's experience. Are you capitalizing on that? You have skills, even if you don't think of them as "special". They are! People want to work with enthusiastic, friendly, hard working providers. Do your visits/phone calls and resume sound like you are?

Are you sending out a generic letter to everyone or tailoring it for where you're sending it? For instance, if you're applying to a cardiology practice, are you showing interest in cardiology? Things such as interesting cases you picked up in your previous jobs, articles you've read on cardiology, conferences you attended, rotations you had when you were a student. Why do you want to work in cardilogy, surgery, whatever. Do you show enough interest for them to hire and train you in their specialty?

I know it tough to be enthusiastic when you're feeling down. And its tough looking for a new job. Hang in there.

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