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PA Programs in Socal - Newbee

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Hello !!

I am a Newbee in this forum and would like some help regarding PA programs in Southern California.

I am planning on a career change. I have a Master's degree in Computers, and have several years of work experience in the IT/Engineering field.
But now I would like to make a career transition to the medical industry and PA caught my attention and am very excited about it.
Can you please advise as to how this can be made possible, as I am prepared to take any pre req course required to move towards the PA goal.
I appreciate you reply,
PS- I did some research on the internet, and found that I would have to take some pre-req courses in Bio and other subjects (which I am ok with), but also require direct paid work experience to apply to PA programs.
Hope you all can throw some light as to how to go abt it. Thanks a lot!!!
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