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Military Loan Repayment?

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Hi everyone,


I searched through the threads but I couldn't find any recent info on student loan repayment for the different branches.


I have about 200k in student loans (private undergrad plus PA school). Lots of my family members have joined the military and several of my classmates are considering it as well. I am NOT considering joining the military based upon student loan repayment, as that is a terrible reason to join, I just wanted to know if anyone has any info about that? I think it would be such an honor to serve my country in a field that I love, though I know joining the service comes with countless sacrifices. 


One of my friends (female, like me) joined the army and she said she negotiated to start as a O-3 (she told me that was around 100k for salary), plus 25k/year towards her student loans. I have another friend that joined the Air Force with a similar income/loan repayment.


That seems really high, are these numbers accurate at all, or was I misunderstanding them? 


Again, I would not consider joining the military for financial purposes, I just love getting input from everyone on here that is actually in the military and has first hand knowledge :)


Thanks in advance! 

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For Army O-2 not O-3 and doubtful on that much repayment for PA (MD/DO yes). They might give you some repayment but not 200k worth. You should have done ROTC!


Remember, the military is shrinking fast so there's not going to be a ton of slots/incentives like there were in 2005

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