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Help, X Ray question our entire class has...

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X-ray tech here.  We always display radiographs in the anatomical position (as if they are facing you regardless of the projection AP or PA).  The exception is hands, wrists and feet.  Fingers/toes pointed up and as if you were placing your palms/sole on the screen.  We always shoot hands/wrists PA.

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Guest JMPA

think of the mechanism of the x-ray, penetration from AP vs PA causes what difference in picture? in that lies your answer

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Thanks for the responses so far.


A few notes/responses:


*Some of our quiz/lecture slide pictures do not have the R/L on the Xray, so we can't tell by that.


*Xray Tech & always PA view. I know (Its in my notes) that the majority of the time it is a PA view, but some of our pictures are AP views.



Our Professor isn't going to trick us with this, but its something the class is interested in knowing how to do.

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OP, Talked to one of the Rads that I work with and he pointed this out,


In the PA view the ulnar styloid process projects medially

In the AP view the ulnar styloid process projects centrally to the ulna


I've attached some radiographs that I looked up to confirm


Hope this helps!



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