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Wage for SNF and LTC?

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I am currently up for review and am attempting to get feedback on wage.

Currently making $42/hr in Longmont, 32 hrs a week. Started at $40

I have 7 hears exp as a PA (5 in family med, 2 in geriatrics now.)

I work in a skilled nursing facility and Longterm care. At least half is skilled rehab pt's - ie, high acuity - and the other half is LTC. I work at 4 facilities. Majority is Medicare payment.

I see approx 12 people daily.

Though it is difficult to get specifics and I'm not in contact locally with other PA's w similar job, my hourly wage seems low so I am trying to get some information to negotiate with.

Regarding benefits - 2 weeks PTO, 1 week $2000/yr, health ins and 401k.


Thanks for your input!!

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