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Almost done credentialing, now what?

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Hi All

Recent grad from NYC here.

Got offered a job (nights in medicine at a reputable hospital with 1199 union) at the end of July.

Credentialing has been painfully slow thanks to a part time visiting PA job I took (but should not have), but it looks like we're almost ready for a start date.

I have a couple of questions, hope you can answer.

What happens after the credentialing packet is complete? How long does that take on average?

What happens next? Is there anything I need to do?


Also It was suggested to me that I buy my own malpractice insurance. Why? isn't there enough in the hospital or the Union?


thank you.

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I can only speak on my credentialing process which involves an interview/meeting with the medical director of the hospital (for whatever reason) and then assuming nothing goes crazy from there I will be credentialed at the next approval meeting.


I would think once it is done you should get a start date of your first shift. However, the recommendation for malpractice is concerning. You need to check your contract to see if it is included in the benefit summary. If you are required to purchase your own you would want to do this BEFORE you start otherwise you could expose yourself to a great deal of unnecessary risk. I could not be credentialed without proof of malpractice coverage. So is the recommendation for supplementary coverage?

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