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Tips for first time PANCE takers!

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The very best thing for you to do is setup a test date and create a schedule that you will follow up until test day.


I was a late test taker for my own reasons but in the end it paid off because I passed. I took a good 2 months to relearn material that was most important on the test.


The best two resources i could recommend would be Teaching to the test by Jackie Kazik and Pance master which is offered for free if you purchase the book until your test date.


Personal reviews:

1.HELP CAMPUS- the only good thing would be the flashcards but not worth the money

2.Davis - great!!!! Questions on the exam were very similar to the PANCE; written by a former PANCE writer

3. UNJDM- too vague; long; takes too much time away from your studies; better for the PANRE

4. CME resources notebook- great and to the point; has pharm, diagnostic, labs everything you need to relearn 2 yrs worth of PA school



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