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I am surprised there are no posts regarding this specialty, but I suppose it is an uncommon one for PA's. I shadowed a Physician Assistant in this specialty, and his letter of reference was key to getting me into PA school.

I know the specialty pays him a good salary, but I never got a dollar amount. I believe that he stopped pursuing a surgical position because he was offered "quite a bit more money" at the allergy clinic. He is an FDA sub-investigator and seems to spend about 50% of his time with clinical trials involving new allergy/asthma treatments. The other half of his time is spent evaluating allergy and asthma patients, performing in-office allergy testing, pulmonary function tests, allergy shot regimens, and prescribing a wide variety of medications. Most of his patients seemed extremely satisfied with their care and came to see him regularly. He worked in a very independent fashion while his supervising physician would work at another clinic. Patients needing more extensive care were referred to ENT's (as in surgical intervention needed for nasal polyps), pulmonologists (as in very complicated asthma patients), or dermatologists (as in skin lesions not responding well to conventional corticosteroids).

A frequent issue he ran into was improper testing/treatment for allergies done by ENT's. Many ENT's dabble in allergy diagnosis and treatment, but this really is not an area of expertise for them. Frustrated patients would finally turn to an allergy specialist for help.

As in any area of the medical field, patient compliance is also an issue.

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