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Exam Master vs PANCE scores

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Sorry if this has been discussed to death here before, but for those who passed the PANCE and studied with Exam Master, I'm curious how those scores correlated. One post I saw mentioned Exam Master scores in the 50's with a passing PANCE score, which is very encouraging indeed. Just wondering what people have experienced- I'm scoring in the high 60's and low 70's on exam master and feel really dumb after each practice test...


Thanks and good luck to all

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           My name is John Athas, and I am a PANCE/PANRE tutor. I'm a registered member here on the Forum.

 I get my students up to scoring >80% on Exam Master and I have a 90% pass rate. Most of my students have failed it 2-3 times.

     Its a matter of technique, especially on wordy questions.

I hope you've passed by now. Feel free to contact me if you need help.


  John                      www.pancetutor.com

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