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My graduation date is sept 10 and i've already been cleared to register for the PANCE. My date for the exam is Sept 19. Problem is, my entire class just got emails sent out stating who would be in the remediation program that the school offers. I was shocked to see that I was on this list seeing as I never failed an EOR. Anyway, that is being dealt with at the moment but in the event that they keep us on remediation what is the LEGALITY of this. I called NCCPA and they said as long as my graduation date stays the same i can take the boards 7 days after. Is the school actually allowed to change my graduation date even though I have completed the entire program and passed everything? any advice would be greatly appreciated.


By the way this is a 7 week remediation program that will set me back from taking my boards til november. This is not something my employer is going to want to here since im supposed to start work oct 1

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