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Job Stability (PA)

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I am a pre-health student who is considering going to PA school over medical school. I am posting in the Professional PA General Discussion forum rather than the Pre-PA forum because I think current PAs will have more knowledge about the profession.


1. How stable is the job? Is finding a job after graduating difficult? Also, once hired, are you set to remain in the hospital, clinic, or office (assuming you don't do anything to get yourself fired)?


2. Do most practice as a PA until retirement similar to doctors, or do many PAs decide to pursue a medical degree after years of being a PA i.e. how long do PAs practice--20? 30?40years? (I know that being a PA is not supposed to be a "stepping-stone" to medical school)


3. What is your opinion on the future of PAs with the healthcare reform coming? I've read that care will be "handed down" to midlevel practitioners since they are cheaper. Do you agree? If so, do you think pursuing an M.D. will be better since as a PA, the work you do will become even more similar to the work physician's do, but you get paid substantially less money? Also, if care is "handed down" to midlevel practitioners, do you think the salary of PAs will decrease due to over-saturation?


Thank you in advance for your replies. I recently found out about this profession, and it seems very appealing for several reasons. I, however, have considered medical school for a long time, but if I do decide to change career paths, I want to be more knowledgeable. Again, thank you!

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