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Navy HSCP questions

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I have a B.A, but my program is an A.S. program, w/ MMSc option, and I spoke with a Navy BUMED recruiter this morning to see what the Navy is offering right now.


In short, the BUMED recruiter I spoke to said that there is NOTHING being offered to PA students for the remainder of this fiscal year (until OCT 1st). We, the military, are winding down combat operations and accession incentives. The Army and Navy are both over-strenght PAs, and therefore have cut down on all the awesome incentives that were common during the peak of OIF/OEF.


As far as the degree you will receive is concerned, the Air Force is the only branch in the military with a Master requirement for PAs.


I am a 68W in the Army, currently in the USAR, and have 12 years time in service. I've spoken to Army AMEDD, Navy BUMED, and Air Force medical recruiters; all of them have pretty much told me the same thing. Complete PA school and apply for a direct commission once your licensed.


I recommend that you contact a recruiter yourself to ensure that all of your questions are answered.

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