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Gen surg or ortho?

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I just finished a gen surg residency


Job A: Gen surg/trauma (my ideal specialty) - excellent learning environment - pa run service, 7-7 rotating shifts - some evenings (82 hours in two weeks), salary 85 k- new grad salary (did not recognize my gen surgery residency as "experience." HR people see residency as training not experience which i beg to diff. They want EXPERIENCE, which i tried to explain to them about my experience but they think it's just training. I asked the pa and doctor to explain that, however, they said they can't do anything regards to salary. I just don't think HR knows what a pa post graduate residency is. What more can i do to up the salary? any suggestions would greatly appeciated. My ideal salary would be in 90k range.


Job B: Ortho-only do OR total hips and knees, average 7-3 - flexible, pretty much when surgery is done, On call once per weekday and once every 4-5 weekend (pages are usually answering patient's questions after clinic hours or if ER calls. I would go in to the hospital only if there's an emergency hip fx or dislocation that can't wait till the following day). 91k + 10% bonus at the end of the year.


Benefits and vacation times are both very similar except for JOB A has 2k CME and job B only has 500


any suggestions?

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IMHO, Net worth < Self worth. Go with the specialty you will enjoy.


I went to nursing school because I thought it'd be good money. Well, now I'm half way through and I hate it. Even though I will make almost twice as much money, if I could do it all over again, I would have chosen EMS as my pre-PA HCE. I personally hope to work as a PA in general/trauma surgery one day and I would sacrifice a significant chunk of salary to do it.

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