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Van Nostrand

Should I Apply this Year?

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I would say give it a shot; the worst thing that could happen is you are rejected, and you will have to reapply anyways the next year, so what do you really have to lose (besides money)? while I'm only in my first app round, I wouldn't think not having A&P is a big deal, since it's not a requirement for Cornell, and I would even give a shot at applying to schools where you can have courses 'in progress'. Also, I don't think you're too late now, from what I've read on the Cornell forums they don't even notify apps or send out supplements til late July.

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The only way you're going to know how programs consider those without A&P is to ask them directly. These are significant courses and one cannot apply with more than one prerequisite outstanding for Indiana University's program. I think some programs on your list have an "all prerequisites completed by application deadline" requirement. So I would confirm before applying.


As an admissions director, I see dozens of applications from highly qualified candidates who do not meet our non-academic or other requirements (e.g. missing a personal statement, or having too many prerequisites outstanding, or not submitting our supplemental application). These applicants would likely be very strong if only they finished the application.


Please don't be one of these people. It's a waste of effort to apply to any program if you aren't minimally qualified and aren't willing to really make sure the program is for you, at least to the extent you can.


Best wishes.


Josh Morrison

Director, Student Enrollment Services

IU Physician Assistant Program

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I would definitely apply. Other than the not taking A and P, you seem to have a pretty good application (assuming you are applying to places that do not require 2000+ patient contact hours). If there are other schools that do not require A and P, I would consider applying to them as well as long as you meet the other requirements. A lot of the schools that you mentioned on your list that you were interested in require more than 2000 hours of direct patient contact experience (Northeastern and Quinnipiac to name a few), so be weary of that. Also, why not sign up to take A and P somewhere? You can put it on your application as in progress. Many schools do not require that prerequisites be completed until the start of the program, while others require them at the time of application (Yale being one of these from your list). This might significantly broaden the number of schools that you can apply to.

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